Micro Motion Measurement Solutions for Process Gas

Increase Efficiency
“It costs too much to produce my product.”

The cost of rework, scrap and overcoming production delays resulting from quality problems can cost a company 20-40% of total manufacturing costs.
- Real-time SPC: Cost-Reducer, Profit-Maker, DataNet Quality Systems
How much are you spending to produce your product?

But meeting your cost reduction goals in the face of rising feedstock, labor, equipment, and maintenance costs is a constantly moving target.

Because you’re producing a wide variety of end products, it’s difficult to optimize your use of raw materials, let alone execute your conversions in a timely fashion. Equipment degradation and measurement inaccuracies are constant challenges, further complicating your ability to keep costs down.

As a result of all these factors, you’re constantly juggling time, materials, and budget—trying to produce as quickly as possible and limit fuel waste, with one eye on the clock and the other on your balance sheet.