Learning Objectives

In the discussion of flow measurement it is important to become familiar with the behavior of the fluid. Depending on the type of flowmeter, the behavior of the fluid can have an effect on the resulting system design and performance. It is extremely important to understand the behavior of the process fluid (liquid or gas) and the impact that external influences can have on the property of that fluid when designing a flow system and selecting a flowmeter for the system.
After viewing this module the learner will be able to;
  • Understand the importance of the behavior of a process fluid
  • Be able to describe mass, volume and density
  • Explain the characteristics of gases
  • Gain an understanding of:

   - Boyle’s Law
   - Gay-Lussac’s Law
   - Gay-Lussac’s Law Second Law
   - Ideal & Real Gas Law
   - Charles & Gay-Lussac’s Law