Marine Industry

Benefits of Using Micro Motion Coriolis Flowmeters
Bunker Fuel Measurement
While bunker transfers are billed based on mass, measurements are currently calculated using volumetric-based methods. With bunker fuel costs amounting to 50-70% of a total ship's operating expense, even small inaccuracies can have a major effect on operating costs.

Benefits of using Coriolis flowmeters for bunker fuel measurement:
  • Certified transparent, traceable, mass-based measurement
  • Can handle challenging heavy fuel oil conditions and deliver the needed accuracy
  • Custody transfer accuracy on bunker deliveries

  • Fuel Consumption & Consistency Measurement
    Shipping operators are facing volatile fuel prices and challenging emission regulations. These issues are compounded by the need to control costs and improve operating efficiencies. Tighter control and management of fuel burned improves engine efficiency, delivering fuel savings and reducing emissions.

    Benefits of using Coriolis flowmeters for Fuel Efficiency:
  • Unbeatable accuracy
  • No moving parts to wear or break
  • Reduction of emissions