Micro Motion Measurement Solutions for Gas-Fired Power

Improve Flow and Flexibility
“It’s challenging to keep costs down in my gas-fired plant while staying compliant.”

Improved operational flexibility is required to keep pace with the rapidly changing nature of renewable energy sources.
- Ed Decker, Emerson, 2012
As a plant manager, it’s your job to run the plant as cost-effectively and smoothly as possible. There are many challenges you face every day, including plant safety, meeting environmental regulations, keeping unplanned outages to a minimum, improving your plant heat rate and minimizing custody transfer disputes. Problematic flow measurement points add to the challenge.

Your flow measurement technology must keep pace, assisting in meeting these challenges. Older flow measurement technologies such as primary element differential pressure, turbine, or positive displacement devices, all require pressure and temperature compensation to give you mass flow, require routine calibration and maintenance, and lack the available accuracy and turndown of other devices.