Key Benefits & Features of the Ethernet / IP Modules for Micro Motion Coriolis Meters

An Overview of the Micro Motion Ethernet/IP Module

Micro Motion® EtherNet/IP™ Module delivers rich multivariable outputs and a powerful configuration and maintenance interface in a convenient, easy to install package. The module is compatible with all Micro Motion® Coriolis flowmeters and is suitable for new or retrofit installations, with a typical install time of less than 30 minutes.

This solution brings benefits to EtherNet/IP users in many industries, and is the only Coriolis EtherNet/IP solution for hazardous areas. Access to multivariable data enabled by the EtherNet/IP Module allows for increased productivity and fast process insight with control system access to flow, density, temperature and many other parameters. It supports process monitoring and control, and browser-based configuration and administration.