Emerson Measurement Solutions for Marine Bunkering

Marine Bunkering Introduction
“It’s hard to differentiate a commoditized product.”

The global container market is poised to consolidate in the next few years as major shippers roll out bigger vessels. This could force smaller rivals to drop out of an already oversupplied market. These conglomerates are increasing their purchasing power and don’t want to buy from 150 different barges.
How are you differentiating your product?

While buyers are consolidating, new vendors in emerging markets like Brazil and Malaysia are fragmenting the supplier landscape. Since bunkering is a low margin, high volume business, many buyers see it as a commoditized product. So it’s difficult to separate your organization from the competition.

In addition, you may be playing on an un-level field against competitors who can beat your margins only by capitalizing on short deliveries. But buyers are becoming more aware of quantity issues and are increasingly looking for trustworthy suppliers. Unfortunately, your reputation is indirectly impacted by human errors across the industry—both unintentional and intentional—and you have no global standards to back your reliability.

As a reputable supplier, it’s difficult for you to differentiate against your competition in a commoditized, trustless industry. As shipper conglomerates look to secure equitable, lasting relationships, you must be able to prove your value to win more business.