Refining Measurement Solutions

Superior flow and density measurement
Refining best in class measurement
Micro Motion and Rosemount measurement technologies are ideal for a range of refinery applications

  • Material balance
  • Unit optimization / yield
  • Crude receipt and blending
  • Product blending and loading
  • Additive injection
  • Energy / emissions management
  • “It’s difficult to meet demand efficiently, cost-effectively and responsibly.”

    Worldwide fuel consumption is increasing, presenting refineries, like yours, with a tremendous opportunity—along with significant risk: Not only are you expected to meet this rising demand, you’re expected to do so as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. But the growing complexity of your operation makes it difficult for you to meet your production targets, let alone at an acceptable cost. Maintenance is an ongoing concern, with the risk of an unplanned shutdown a constant threat. Meanwhile, production costs—particularly the cost of energy—are consuming an ever-increasing portion of your budget, placing further pressure on your margins. And, due to the public nature of your role, the whole world is watching how responsibly you manage the refinery with which you are entrusted.