Power Industry

Benefits of Using Micro Motion Coriolis Flowmeters
  • No moving parts result in lower maintenance costs
  • Install anywhere with no flow conditioning or straight pipe run required
  • Simple and fast installation and commissioning at start-up
  • Measure all fluids, slurries and gases with one instrument

  • Applications
  • Fuel Gas Measurement Benefits
    - No calculations needed to arrive at mass flow reading
    - No issues if composition or molecular weight changes
    - No additional measurements or devices needed for pressure, temperature, and compressibility
    - No upstream pipe requirements
    - No problem with flow profile, swirl or pulsating flow
    - Fewer actual hardware components reduce risk of error

  • Combustion Control
    - Micro Motion meters enable direct mass-based measurement and robust performance
    - Does not require additional devices to deliver pressure, temperature and compressibility measurement

  • Emissions Reductions
    - Better environmental compliance
    -Optimal fuel gas feed and consistency regardless of energy content changes >