Oil & Gas Industry

Benefits of Using Micro Motion Coriolis Flowmeters
  • Line sizes with liquid flow of up to 12 inches
  • High capacity precision measurement
  • In-line, real-time density/concentration measurement
  • Immune to fluid, process, or environmental effects for superb measurement confidence
  • Maintains high accuracy on liquids and gas flow measurement and density measurement over a large range of flow turndowns

  • Applications
  • Chemical Injection
  • Hydraulic Fracturing
  • Production Management
  • Production Upstream Segment
  • Separator Water Measurement
  • Refinery/Receiving Facilities for Crude Oil
  • Custody Transfer
  • Pipeline Systems
  • Blending Operations
  • Return Flow of Drilling Rigs
  • Critical Process Control
  • Emerson Video Series JB Avants, Editor of Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Equipment magazine, interviews Emerson's Denver Smart about the Micro Motion ELITE High Capacity Coriolis flowmeter.